Portal Protectors of Tirrumus

Adventure Day 3



1. Loxtra gives new orders to travel to island of Torol

2. Two new adventurers, Rolen the drow ranger and Torinn the dragonborn warlock.

3. About 10 zombies are outside the portcullis near the small galley ship, waiting for victims.

4. After trying to kill a few zombies through the portcullis, they realize there are about a hundred more zombies on the other side of the fort so time is critical to get to the ship.

5. The yell to the guards to raise the portcullis and after it rises, the entire group cautiously exit the port gate and race to the ship. The zombies take on the group and are able to claw at a few of the adventures. Unfortunately for Flora, she is bitten by one of the zombies and becomes poisoned. She feels like the other members start looking tasty and she turns into the Beast form Tiger as a druid. Her tiger leaps onto the front of the ship only to feel weaker and yet hungry for the blood of her friends. Luna is able to turn one of the zombies with Turn Undead.

6. The adventures kill the zombies on the port side and  get onto the ship. There are only two shipmates to assist. Baran tries to jump onto Flora's Tiger zombie form and gets clawed but not bitten. Baran ties Flora down and is subdued. Luna attempts to heal the zombie Flora without success. History tells them it is a blood transfusion from a good person to neutralize the poison. Baran cuts his hand and delivers the blood to a forearm cut of Flora. She wakes up from her zombie trance and is cured.

7. The small galley exits the port and heads northeast to the island of Torol. About 45 minutes into the 4-5 hour trip, they crew notices sounds and a few flickering lights deep into the fog. They notice a smaller ship heading in their direction. About 4 flickering lights fill the sky and three fire arrows hit the ship—- two on the front sail and one on the back. The sails catch on fire. Then another barrage of arrows come past the ship and only one this time hits. They direct the ship to head straight into the advancing ship. They are able to see four drow elves on this smaller semi-submersible as they ram right into it. Rolen stuns the lead drow with a swift and strong arrow to the left shoulder. Gyve uses the momentum on impact to jump across the stern and then stuns and knocks unconscious the already injured lead drow. Baran leaps across the stern but slips and grabs onto the opposing stern of the drow vessel. Arashoun attempts to leap across the stern but slips prone. Draga, Luna and Flora disappear into a portal. Torinn hits several drow with his eldrich bolt. Cade jumps across the stern and stabs one of the drow between the shoulder blades. Gyve leaps across the unconscious drow leader and knocks out another nearby drow. The third drow is killed by the swift arrow of Rolen. The remaining drow is held by Gyve but loses his grasp only to find the drow attempt to leap into the water. Rolen hits him with another arrow and disappears into the water only to float up dead. 



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