Portal Protectors of Tirrumus

Adventure Day 3


1. Loxtra gives new orders to travel to island of Torol

2. Two new adventurers, Rolen the drow ranger and Torinn the dragonborn warlock.

3. About 10 zombies are outside the portcullis near the small galley ship, waiting for victims.

4. After trying to kill a few zombies through the portcullis, they realize there are about a hundred more zombies on the other side of the fort so time is critical to get to the ship.

5. The yell to the guards to raise the portcullis and after it rises, the entire group cautiously exit the port gate and race to the ship. The zombies take on the group and are able to claw at a few of the adventures. Unfortunately for Flora, she is bitten by one of the zombies and becomes poisoned. She feels like the other members start looking tasty and she turns into the Beast form Tiger as a druid. Her tiger leaps onto the front of the ship only to feel weaker and yet hungry for the blood of her friends. Luna is able to turn one of the zombies with Turn Undead.

6. The adventures kill the zombies on the port side and  get onto the ship. There are only two shipmates to assist. Baran tries to jump onto Flora's Tiger zombie form and gets clawed but not bitten. Baran ties Flora down and is subdued. Luna attempts to heal the zombie Flora without success. History tells them it is a blood transfusion from a good person to neutralize the poison. Baran cuts his hand and delivers the blood to a forearm cut of Flora. She wakes up from her zombie trance and is cured.

7. The small galley exits the port and heads northeast to the island of Torol. About 45 minutes into the 4-5 hour trip, they crew notices sounds and a few flickering lights deep into the fog. They notice a smaller ship heading in their direction. About 4 flickering lights fill the sky and three fire arrows hit the ship—- two on the front sail and one on the back. The sails catch on fire. Then another barrage of arrows come past the ship and only one this time hits. They direct the ship to head straight into the advancing ship. They are able to see four drow elves on this smaller semi-submersible as they ram right into it. Rolen stuns the lead drow with a swift and strong arrow to the left shoulder. Gyve uses the momentum on impact to jump across the stern and then stuns and knocks unconscious the already injured lead drow. Baran leaps across the stern but slips and grabs onto the opposing stern of the drow vessel. Arashoun attempts to leap across the stern but slips prone. Draga, Luna and Flora disappear into a portal. Torinn hits several drow with his eldrich bolt. Cade jumps across the stern and stabs one of the drow between the shoulder blades. Gyve leaps across the unconscious drow leader and knocks out another nearby drow. The third drow is killed by the swift arrow of Rolen. The remaining drow is held by Gyve but loses his grasp only to find the drow attempt to leap into the water. Rolen hits him with another arrow and disappears into the water only to float up dead. 


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Adventure Day 2
Get the book and run to Dragul

From the previous adventure in the village of Gemfib, the arrow of location was shot into the air by Phocheka so that they could find the "lost and found" book and the invisible treehouse of Jayjil Rom. The arrow lead the party to a heavily wooded area about one mile south of small port city of Dragul. As Phocheka and the group walked toward the arrow on the ground he felt the urge to continue walking forward. He then bumped into an invisible object in front of him, knocking him to the ground. He got back up and touched the object and realized it was an invisible tree with a large base diameter of about 25 feet. Upon further inspection, they could not find an entrance so they called out "Portal protectors of Tirrumus" and a door opened up from the invisible tree. They group walked inside the tree except for Phocheka, who decided to monitor  for any approaching zombies or monsters. The group walked up five flights of stairs and made it to a 20-foot by 20-foot living space of Jayjil Rom. They heard a loud commotion outside as two ogres and several zombies had surrounded the tree. Phocheka hit one ogre with several arrows but it was only enough to make it even more angry. The group inside the tree found the book "lost and found" in Jayjil's library and Draga decided to pick it up. A poison gas trap in the library knocked out Draga and then smoke started to fill the stairwell. An ogre gave out a hideous laugh and then yelled "you will all die and I shall eat your cooked flesh once this tree comes burning down. Ha ha ha ha." Gyve ran down the stairs and punched his way out from the burning door and reminded the ogre that they wouldn't be easy targets. Gyve and Arashoun put out the fire at the door and base of tree and fought the ogre with ferocity. At the top of the smoke-filled treehouse, Baran jumped, kamikazi-style, from one of the windows and right onto an ogre forty feet below. Both the ogre and Baran sustained massive damage and were both knocked unconscious. Tajenus, Luna and Flora picked up the poisoned and unconscious Draga and dragged her down the stairs. A treant, unicorn, two aarakockras, two sprites and a dryad came to assist in the melee. The ogres and invading zombies were killed by the group effort. A solitary githyanki scout/warrior came up to about 50 feet of the group and looked at Gyve in the eye and stated, "I will be back to destroy you and your worthless friends" Gyve nodded and stated, "I welcome your return"

The treant stated to the group that it was time to move fast and get to Dragul and that his forest friends would slow down the invading monsters from the south.

The party clerics Aroshoun and Luna stabilized and healed the wounded members and then headed north to Dragul. They were stopped at the fortress gate by multiple dragonborn guards. The guards noticed their longtime clan member Draga and were told only she could pass the gates. Draga described her mission to the guards who quickly let them all enter to see the queen. Many villagers were kept from entering the fortress to make sure they didn't have the "zombie munchies". Once inside, the guards took them to Queen Loxtra; a dragonborn queen overseeing the port city of Dragul. She had heard from Jayjil's messengers that your group must receive sea transport to the Island Fortress of Torol. Although wiley rogue-thief Cade couldn't help himself and was caught trying to steal the keys from the guards, the queen forgave him and allowed them all safe passage. She bestowed upon each member, an elemental necklace of either fire, water, earth or air upon which can deal damage similar to that of a 3rd level fireball but which can be designated instantaneous or timed up to 10 rounds.

The queen points them to the guards who will escort them to a departing ship. There they will find their way to the Fortress of the Island Torol.

Adventure Day 1
Unlikely Heroes Trek to Gemfib

All first-level characters, Cade (halfling rogue), Draga (dragonborn wizard), Flora (elf druid), Aroshoun (dwarf cleric), Baran (dwarf barbarian), Gyve (githzerai monk), Phocheka (elf fighter), Tajenus (half-elf wizard) and Luna (human cleric) of the planet Martinium have been informed by their masters that the northern part of the continent, Centrica, has fallen under the grips of the dark lord Drull and his army through the unguarded elemental portals that were once safeguarded by the mighty Druid Elemental Protectors. They are to get to the Renol Blue Armory in the village of Gemfib as fast as possible with the passwords given to them by their masters——"Portal Protectors of Tirrumus."

As they made their way south on a well-paved road to Gemfib, they introduced themselves as the adventurers and portal protectors of Tirrumus. After exchanging pleasantries the adventurers noticed that the villagers of Gemfib were running in the opposite direction. One of villagers was heard yelling "Don't let them bite you——-you will become one of them. And they will eat you."

As they noticed several zombies slowly approaching northward toward the village of Gemfib, the party arrived at the entrance to the Renol Blue Armory and Blacksmith shop. At first unable to open the door with their muscles and maces, they remembered to say the password "Portal Protectors of Tirrumus" and voila——-the front door opened. Cade decided to stay outside and then engaged several zombies into combat as to distract them from the main group. Draga decided to climb up a nearby tree and get a better view of the approaching zombies while contemplating fire-bolting them as they come closer. As the remaining party entered the armory, they noticed four suits of human-sized armor in each corner. Upon walking next the first suit of armor on the left, each suit of armor relayed a sequential audible message. 

First message: "I give you this message so listen well——I am Jayjil Rom and I have faith you will believe my word for my soul still speaks. We were tricked by Cerebrumortus, the mind flayer, and the dark lord Drull."

Message Two: "It is Drull who killed all four of us and has trapped our souls. We were the portal protectors of the entire planet of Martinium with the main portal near the Island of Tirrumus. Get my book "lost and found" in my treetop house near Dragul using the bow and arrow of location. Once you have the book, it will take you to the Fortress of Torol and through teh cavern dwarf city of Dwoluk. "

Message Three: "From Dwoluk, you will find the passage to the main Elemental Portal. The book will help you close the portal and allow us to drive back the dark lord Drull. We do not have much time, as Drull is destroying all in his path. Please awaken the power of Good and close the portal. I am Jayjil Rom—-do not tell anyone that the souls of the four elemental druid protectors are still here. Get the bow of location and shoot the arrow as high as you can. It will lead you to my book and my invisible home. There you will say the secret password again. It will open the door."

Message Four: "Do not say too much as you will get messages along the way to aid in your path. Payso attention to all sights and sounds. We cannot tell you everything as the gods of Good and Evil are listening and might intervene. If they do, that could lead to the destruction of Martinium and the multiverse. 

The party took the bow and arrow of location from the armory and exited quickly as they heard zombies just outside their doors. Flora remembered that Jayjil Rom and his druid group were some of the most powerful druid circles on the planet. They were known to protect most of the elemental portals so as to keep the world in balance between good and evil . While outside the armory, Cade was able to kill a few zombies before he too was bitten. Cade appeared to have handled the bite of the zombies and shook off his injuries.  Baran, Aroshoun, Gyve, and Phocheka were able to take down multiple zombies in the melee but soon become overwhelmed by the large numbers of more approaching zombies. Flora, Draga, Luna and Tajenus were also able to fight off a few zombies with their spells and weapons but were quick to remind the group that it was time to leave and find the book "lost and found" before the zombies outnumbered them. Phocheka pulled back the bow and released the arrow into the air which disappeared quickly into the clouds. Phocheka felt the strong pull northword in the direction of Dragul as if the bow and arrow were speaking to him. They looked back and saw about one hundred zombies in the distance slowly approaching. They traveled quickly north to Dragul to live another day. 


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