Portal Protectors of Tirrumus

Adventure Day 4

Sinking ships

Notes Adventure Day 4:

1. The small adventurer galley ship which was headed toward the island of Torol appears to be  sinking with a small hole at the starboard side. The drow elf semi-submersible is also sinking but listing from it's starboard bow. Gyve and Baron decide to rope off both ships. Gyve jumps to the galley. The crew inspects the ships and realize the galley will be the easier of the two ships to save. Rolen remembers from his childhood that the drow elf semi-submersible uses a magnetically driven engine compartment to propel the ship. Unfortunatalely, he could not remember how it could steer.

2, The ship's two sailors go down to the lower hold and patch the leak with tar, wood and mast material. Although the masts of the ship are mostly burned, the crew manages to get it in the right direction toward Torol. The ship runs it's course slowly.

3. It is dark but Gyve, Baron, Rolen, Arashaun, Cade and Torrin set up guard as the approach Torol.

4. Rolen notices a large flying creature land on the crow's nest. Upon further inspection, it looks like a large owl with human-like features. The owl flies down to the deck and delivers the following message: "I was sent hear by Jayjil Rom's soul to deliver you a message. You must solve the block-letter code in you book. I can only you tell you a little since the gods' minions and messengers are listening and watching closely. They will kill us if the message is leaked. I must go now. Time is limited." and the owl flies off. A holographic hourglass appears denoting time progression.

5. Everyone opens the book and attempts to decipher the code. But quickly the time is against them as Cade falls to the ground as he has no strength or feeling in his legs. As each minute passes, magical curses envelope the characters. Rolen's arms fall to his sides. Gyve then can't speak.

6. A screeching sound is heard in the hold and Rolen, Baron and Arashaun go down to investigate.

7. Torrin remembers that the square symbol and the vertical line represents the letter "d" and "a" respectively.


8. Arashaun sees a small octopus in the hold and tries to kill it with his long sword. Unfortunately, the octopus grabs onto his arm and pulls him down. Baron kills the octopus and then Arashaun's arms become paralyzed.

9. Rolen's arms are now paralyzed. Two octopi climb up the sides of the ship and engage the clan. A large flying fish jumps out of the water and hits Rolen on the back for damage. One octopus also gets on Rolen and injuries him with several bites. Torrin attempts to hit him with his rapier and instead stabs Rolen by accident. Gyve hits the octopus with his monk sticks and kills the octopus. Baron kills the remaining octopus.

10. Now Byve can't speak or hear, Torrin is blind and deaf. Cade has paralyzed arms, legs and can't speak. Arashaun has paralyzed arms and is deaf. Rolen has paralyzed arms, legs, and can't speak. 

11. In his madness, Torrin accidentally hits Gyve and Rolen with magical force damage. 

12. As the invading creatures were killed, the code is cracked by Rolen and the crew. The message reads: 

Line 1: Go to the portal of Torol

Line 2: Kitchen Bell Stein

Line 3: Ring bell to fill goblet

Line 4: Drink goblet for immunity

Line 5: Lasts ten rounds for all combined

13. The morning comes up and the group can see the island of Torol about a quarter of a mile away. The ship is slow but steady. A massive storm is seen coming and immediately it is clear it brings freezing temperatures and the water freezes solid in seconds. Arashaun, Cade, Rolen and Baron take some freezing damage. Baron jumps off the boat onto the ice to test it's thickness. The ice is solid as he lands. The galley ship is stuck in the ice. Cade takes Rolen down to the hold to warm up next to the burning coals. Gyve remains on deck and the remaining crew seek shelter in the hold.

14. Baron encounters a large 9-foot yeti-like creature and they combat. After sustaining some slashing damage, Baron is able to slice major wounds into the creature. Gyve follows their foot steps and also combats the Yeti. Torrin jumps down and firebreaths to see the images of the combat in the ice fog. The yeti is knocked unconscious by Gyve and is then killed by Baron. The entire crew finally recover from their injuries and get furs for the walking trek across the strait to the island of Torol.


15. They see the fortress of Torol, abandoned and void of life. Gyve climbs the entrance walls and lowers down a rope for all to get over the gate. They enter the compound and see the main courtyard building and two barracks. Baron smashes the door down to the main building and notice an immaculate stone floor with one stairway leading down. Before they go down, the inspect the barracks and find the bell stein. Rolen drinks from it and feels like he can breathe better. 

16. The go down the stairs and reach another room. It has a pool leading to another stairway down but it can only be reached by getting past the 25 foot deep pool. Torrin puts his feet in the water but is pulled down to the bottom. Rolen drinks from the bell stein and reaches down into the water, but he is not pulled down like Torrin. They throw down a rope into the water for Torrin. He grabs the rope and is pulled up by both Cade and Baron.

17. Chapter of adventure ends:

Rolen, Gyve, Torrin, Arashaun, Cade drink from stein. Baron drinks from goblet…….


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