Portal Protectors of Tirrumus

Adventure Day 2

Get the book and run to Dragul

From the previous adventure in the village of Gemfib, the arrow of location was shot into the air by Phocheka so that they could find the "lost and found" book and the invisible treehouse of Jayjil Rom. The arrow lead the party to a heavily wooded area about one mile south of small port city of Dragul. As Phocheka and the group walked toward the arrow on the ground he felt the urge to continue walking forward. He then bumped into an invisible object in front of him, knocking him to the ground. He got back up and touched the object and realized it was an invisible tree with a large base diameter of about 25 feet. Upon further inspection, they could not find an entrance so they called out "Portal protectors of Tirrumus" and a door opened up from the invisible tree. They group walked inside the tree except for Phocheka, who decided to monitor  for any approaching zombies or monsters. The group walked up five flights of stairs and made it to a 20-foot by 20-foot living space of Jayjil Rom. They heard a loud commotion outside as two ogres and several zombies had surrounded the tree. Phocheka hit one ogre with several arrows but it was only enough to make it even more angry. The group inside the tree found the book "lost and found" in Jayjil's library and Draga decided to pick it up. A poison gas trap in the library knocked out Draga and then smoke started to fill the stairwell. An ogre gave out a hideous laugh and then yelled "you will all die and I shall eat your cooked flesh once this tree comes burning down. Ha ha ha ha." Gyve ran down the stairs and punched his way out from the burning door and reminded the ogre that they wouldn't be easy targets. Gyve and Arashoun put out the fire at the door and base of tree and fought the ogre with ferocity. At the top of the smoke-filled treehouse, Baran jumped, kamikazi-style, from one of the windows and right onto an ogre forty feet below. Both the ogre and Baran sustained massive damage and were both knocked unconscious. Tajenus, Luna and Flora picked up the poisoned and unconscious Draga and dragged her down the stairs. A treant, unicorn, two aarakockras, two sprites and a dryad came to assist in the melee. The ogres and invading zombies were killed by the group effort. A solitary githyanki scout/warrior came up to about 50 feet of the group and looked at Gyve in the eye and stated, "I will be back to destroy you and your worthless friends" Gyve nodded and stated, "I welcome your return"

The treant stated to the group that it was time to move fast and get to Dragul and that his forest friends would slow down the invading monsters from the south.

The party clerics Aroshoun and Luna stabilized and healed the wounded members and then headed north to Dragul. They were stopped at the fortress gate by multiple dragonborn guards. The guards noticed their longtime clan member Draga and were told only she could pass the gates. Draga described her mission to the guards who quickly let them all enter to see the queen. Many villagers were kept from entering the fortress to make sure they didn't have the "zombie munchies". Once inside, the guards took them to Queen Loxtra; a dragonborn queen overseeing the port city of Dragul. She had heard from Jayjil's messengers that your group must receive sea transport to the Island Fortress of Torol. Although wiley rogue-thief Cade couldn't help himself and was caught trying to steal the keys from the guards, the queen forgave him and allowed them all safe passage. She bestowed upon each member, an elemental necklace of either fire, water, earth or air upon which can deal damage similar to that of a 3rd level fireball but which can be designated instantaneous or timed up to 10 rounds.

The queen points them to the guards who will escort them to a departing ship. There they will find their way to the Fortress of the Island Torol.


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